Substráty Terramol, Láva a Pemza na predaj

Ak by mal niekto záujem, tak mám na predaj pár vriec Terramolu fr.3-6mm v 20l (10 kg) balení na predaj za 12€/balenie, tiež Lávu 3 - 5 mm balenie 18 litrov, a pemzu 3 - 6 mm v 18 litrovom balení, tiež v cene 12€ za balenie

Ak chcete prísť, tak sa ozvite na alebo na telefóne 0903 905 508. Doprava na Slovensku sa da zariadiť. 


I use to run around this tree very often, I see it during all seasons. It is old pear or at least I think it is. Must be quite old. It is majestic and it looks impressive without foliage now. Interestingly, it look much thinner and younger on this picture taken with phone camera only. Nice to see and learn something about the structure of the real trees. 


On November 17th I did my winter storage for the trees. It is my tradition since few years. On that date we have holiday celebrating end of the communist rule in our country in 1989. Now we have freedom, even if we still have to fight for it and communist are back in different furs. 

Anyway, I put all my trees down from shelves and cover them with wood chips, sawdust. Cheap and effective. After that I ordered additional winter cover and watering. It arrived tonight. 

Cornus mas "Attila"

As I promised few days ago, here are the pictures of the dogwood after applying couple of guy wires and quick editing just by pruning unnecessary branches. I will wire it in early spring next year, hopefully tree will be repotted into ceramic pot in case one suitable will find the way into my garden. 

Fraxinus ornus "Jan"

Couple of days ago tree still had its foliage, then came night frosts and all leaves were gone. It was time for few decent pictures. So, here you can see it with remaining autumn foliage and then without as all leaves were removed. Right time to evaluate structure improvement since last season. Couple of necessary edits were performed in the crown already. 

Cornus mas "Attila"

There are the first and there must be last. Last tree with foliage in garden is Attila obviously. Was green up until recently but two frosty nights brought some purple on the leaves. So when I was doing winter storage for all trees I managed to make few pictures. As it is common with dogwood, just after first frosts leaves are dropping down at the moment you touch it. All were down in 5 minutes. When taking pictures I saw places to be edited and therefore few branches were shortened and guy wires applied. No pictures after work this time. It was already too late and too dark. Ill post them later this week hopefully. 

Larix decidua after little edit

Couple of guy wires were added to bring branches into better positions. I did even more bud doing last bends on apex branch I broke it. So, some wires were removed and branch was rescued with rafia and tape.  

My sme les. Pridaj sa aj ty.

I just saw the video of the campaign in the paper. It never stop amaze me how fast we are able to cut down forests. I go to the woods as often as I can, and I know those images from my own perspective. We have to stop doing this genocide to our nature before it is too late. 

What our government is allowing to be done to the forests in National Parks is just crazy....

Link to the campaign page could be found here if you would like to support it. 


Cornus mas "Vesna"

Sometimes weather is against us. I wanted to take pictures of nice foliage on Vesna for some time but it was staying green for way too long. When colors started to appear leaves started to fall off quickly. So no really good shots of this cornus this autumn. Just few details. Last night we had first frost so in few hours all foliage will be down and tree will be stored for winter this coming weekend.